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Cindy  1989 - 2003

In Your Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


The Pet Nanny is a pet sitting and dog walking service that provides in-home care for your pets. This service may be requested for a number of reasons. For example:


o When you go on vacation or a business trip.
o If you have been unexpectedly called away.
o You are now working longer hours and your pet needs care during the day.
o You have become ill and are temporarily unable to exercise your pet.
o You need help getting your pet to the veterinarian or groomer for an appointment.


The Pet Nanny will provide daily walks for your dog. 


The Pet Nanny will let you relax knowing that you've left your pet in a safe, familiar and comfortable environment…with someone who cares.

Most loving pet owners know that their pet will be happier and less stressed if they can remain in their own home while their owner is away. The Pet Nanny will make this possible.


Why use The Pet Nanny?


The Pet Nanny will care for your pets in your home per your specific instructions.


Some of what The Pet Nanny will do:

o Feed, water, walk/exercise, play, give medications (if non-inject able), clean up "accidents", litter, monitor health/safety of each pet.
o Take pets to vet appointments, purchase/deliver pet food and supplies.


Other duties will be considered at the owner request.


The Pet Nanny will help to make your pet less stressed by your being away. Your pets will remain in their own familiar surroundings, stay on their own diet and exercise plan, and have someone to reassure, love, and play with them while you are away.


It is important to point out that The Pet Nanny and your pet must feel comfortable together. If your pet growls, snaps, or exhibits other aggressive behavior when he or she meets The Pet Nanny, you may be best to consider using another pet care option. This is also true if your pet has a history of biting or attacking other people or animals.


In addition, some pets with intense medical needs may also be better served in their vet's own kennel.

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